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Country and Region

Situated at roughly 1500 feet above sea level, the Palos Blancos region of Bolivia is both temperate and moist. It receives an average rainfall of 61 inches and maintains an average temperature of 78.5 F, making it a fertile area for Bolivian cocoa.


The Alto Beni Cacao Company is a joint venture of Taza Chocolate founder Alex Whitmore and two Bolivian brothers. The beans are sourced from ~500 smallholder growers in the region. In the past, these beans have varied in quality due to farm-level fermentation and drying. This year, the founders launched a centralized fermentation and drying facility, which ensures that the quality and taste of the cocoa they purchase from the growers is consistently good.

Social Pillars

The Alto Beni Cacao Company is committed to quality. They do this by working with growers to ensure that their beans are grown sustainably, by implementing quality controls in the growing, fermentation and drying process, and by connecting the numerous cocoa growers directly to chocolate makers so that they can receive better prices for the cocoa they produce.

Bean Tasting Notes:

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