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Costa Rica, Maleku

Country and Region

Guatusco and Upala are located in the plains of Costa Rica, between the Arenal Volcano and Costa Rica’s border with Nicaragua.


Nahua Cacao was founded in San Jose, Costa Rica in 2011 to promote and source premium quality cacao from indigenous communities in northern Costa Rica. Nahua works closely with 240 smallholder cocoa farmers in the area, sourcing pods from native trees, which tend to be a mix of Trinitario and Criollo.

Many of the plantations are quite remote, the oldest of which lie along the banks of rivers that flow into Lake Nicaragua. The region’s history is so entwined with cacao that there is even a local legend among the Maleku tribe of small, elf-like people called Carrache that live along the river and eat cacao from the trees.

Social Pillars

Since their founding, Nahua has implemented a Cacao Renovation Program which helps farmers increase productivity, access financing, reach international markets, and preserve the natural environment of the region.

Bean Tasting Notes:

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