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Dominican Republic

Country and Region

OKO Caribe is located in San Francisco de Marcoris, the capital of the Dominican Republic’s Duarte province. The city forms part of El Cibao, the northeastern region where 21,000 of the country’s approximately 35,000 cacao farming families live.

El Cibao has deep, fertile soils, plenty of rainfall, and an average temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Social Pillars

OKO Caribe is a mission-driven cacao sourcing company committed to benefitting smallholder producers. OKO Caribe works with three small associations - Alta Gracia, Union y Progreso, and San Isidro - that represent 165 producers working over 1050 hectares of organic-certified land in the Duarte province of the Dominican Republic. They build long-term, secure partnerships with these associations in order to keep predatory creditors and poorly paying intermediaries at bay.

Bean Tasting Notes:

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