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Country and Region

Sambirano valley is located in the northwest of Madagascar where soil and climate are ideal for growing high quality cacao, which is also known as the “green gold” of Sambirano.


The estate is managed by Bertil Akesson, who has specialized in growing fine cocoa and spices for many years. The estate, which is divided into four farms--Madirofolo, Menavava, Bejofo, and Ambolikapiky--grows 300 tons of cocoa a year, as well as pepper and other spices.

Social Pillars

The plantation is certified “Fair for Life” by IMO. The plantation is a single living organism where Akesson provides a secure working e and social habitat. They converted all their estate to solar energy (GAÏA Alternative Energy) and redistribute half of the electricity to the village nearby where the employees live and supply portable solar panels to the most remote places. They provide land to their employees so they can be self sufficient and grow their own rice for their family. In addition Akesson contributes to building schools.

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